Inaugurated in September, What’Sup has already become a reference point for fans looking for the most cult models. You enter to buy but also to sell and exchange unobtainable footwear. Friendship, a shared passion and above all a great desire to do things, these are the elements that unite the founders of What’Sup, the store that is now one of the reference places for sneaker addicts. And to think that it all started only two years ago, in 2018, when Alberico, Andrea and Rocco, 60 years old all together, began to buy and collect, from all over the world, sneakers in limited and unobtainable series, such as Jordan , Nike, Yeezy etc. and streetwear clothing with brands such as Supreme, Palace, Stone Island etc. It was not just a hobby: there was already an entrepreneurial vision. From the beginning they wanted to do something new, to be researchers and trend movers in a market, that of branded shoes and sportswear, which today is an extraordinary business driven by dynamics that are difficult to predict, often linked to a famous testimonial or a particular event.

Thus was born the idea of ​​participating in events, opening pop up stores in their city, Padua, and collaborating in the editions of Future Vintage Festival, an event dedicated to lifestyle and communication that aims "to identify the contamination of contemporary trends ". The feedback was immediately positive so that, in September of this year, right in the center of Padua, Alberico, Andrea and Rocco inaugurated the first What'Sup store dedicated to the world of sneakers and most sought-after clothing. The target is not only that of centennials like them: there are also millennials and even baby boomers, because now this type of shoe and clothing goes beyond fashion, it is often a real cult object that some come to collect as works of art. But the three look far beyond the mere sale of goods. The intent is to make the store a cultural reference point for enthusiasts, capable of stimulating involving people and creating a community capable of fostering relationships and interactivity. All this is facilitated by the possibilities offered by the shop where, in addition to buying, you can also sell your things or exchange them with others.

What’Sup, in fact, does not want to be just an address, but an experience to be shared with buyers, sellers and friends. And this is just to start because, as Alberico, Andrea and Rocco tell us, "we are already evaluating other projects, including a high quality merchandising line completely Made in Italy, an agency for the creation of multimedia information and advertising contents and a studio recording to put our stamp also on musical productions. The goal is to reach, involve and connect more and more people under the What'sup brand "